A Decade After Disaster

Episode 127 · April 17th, 2020 · 42 mins 47 secs

About this Episode

Ten years after the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, restoring the Mississippi River Delta and its surrounding coastline isn’t just about recovering the wildlife and habitats harmed from the 2010 oil spill; it is ultimately about the opportunity to envision a more sustainable and resilient delta for future generations. On today's show, Simone and Jacques discuss where we are ten years later and highlight progress made on restoration since the spill and opportunities to build on this progress in the years ahead. They are first joined by Greg Grandy, Deputy Executive Director Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority of Louisiana, to discuss restoration projects CPRA has completed to help ecosystems and wildlife recover. They then chat with Amanda Moore Deputy Director, National Wildlife Federation, to hear her perspective on the immediate aftermath of the spill and work that she and others have done to help communities recover and become more resilient. Visit mississippiriverdelta.org/decade-after-disaster/ to learn more.